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  • I'd like to let you know that this machine has literally saved my daily life.

    I have herniated discs and my back went into spasm last week and I could hardly move or go to the toilet or walk. My husband came home with your device and using it less than  24 hours I am being able to walk go to work go to the toilet better and do gentle household activity.

    I have told my doctor of your product and other people who suffer similar conditions.


  • Finally a TENS without wires and that doesn't stop every 30 minutes. A company that understands chronic pain and the best after-sales customer service ever. Two thumbs up !

    Denise C.

  • Hi There,

    I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product. I have two herniated discs in my upper and lower back. The iTENS has provided real relief. However, I recently discovered an additional use for the iTENS, which was incredible.

    Every 5-6 years, I end up with a kidney stone. As it passes from the kidney to the bladder, it's extremely painful. In my case, it usually takes about a day and I end up with having demerol administered by IV to me during an ER visit.

    This time, however, I applied the iTENS to the afflicted area and set it for general massage. A mere 10 minutes later, I was pain free and the stone had worked it way through. Unreal!

    Thank you!

    Evan M.

  • While getting the unit setup I was a little apprehensive and was thinking to myself that this was too good to be true but after putting it on, selecting the settings I needed - WOW - better than any drug.

    The amount of varied selections is fantastic and so much better than any previous (wired) TENS unit I've used. 

    Now I can go out with a lot more confidence and not have to worry if a cable is hanging out my top plus with the most important part and that is with feeling some relief.


  • I received the iTENS in this April and it works very well for me, and I love it with thanks.

    Ken M

  • I fell 2 stories at age 3, and my pain got so bad as an adult that I couldn't do a lot of everyday things. I've been using my itens for about 4 months now. I'm able to finally sit through SS and church service. I can go on car rides to visit friends and family. I end up turning it up pretty high the longer I sit, but it helps a lot! It's given me some of my life back <3? Thank you itens!!!

    Kasey S

  • I LOVE the iTens

    Trisha M

  • I'm in love with an electronic gadget and I'm not ashamed to admit it! I bought this from the manufacture because I called them to ask some questions first. They are a new company and they actually have a nice woman who answered right away to address all of my concerns. She was knowledgable and friendly. I purchased right then and there. I awaited for the package to arrive with high hopes and when it arrived I tore in to it with gusto. First impressions? Oooh ahhhh! The rechargeable device itself is so tiny! I took out everything and did an exploratory inventory. It came with the device with rechargeable battery inside, the wings that have the electrodes built in to them, the reusable gel pads, the charging dock, and the cable with a USB connection on the end. I had already downloaded the iTens app for my iPhone 6s when I purchased the items (thought I'd get a jump start on it.) I decided to try see how well the charging aspect would go first. I took the device and placed it on the dock. It snapped very firmly on with a slight magnetic ability. I plugged the cord in to it. Since I bought two devices (one for each leg) I repeated on the second device and plugged them both in to USB charging slots. I tried to wait the two hour recommended charging time, but broke down about an hour in. I took the sticky gel pads and placed them on the appropriate place on the wings. I pulled the disc off of the charger and placed one of the units on to the proper place on the wings.

    Once again it seems to snap like it is magnetic. I have a disease that is similar to MS which does a number on my calves. The primary reason I wanted to try these units. I affixed the device via the sticky portion of the wings to my calf, and fired up the application. It took a little playing around with the app to figure it out. Fairly simple. First I had to make sure Bluetooth was selected on inside my settings on my iPhone. You press on the iTens device itself for a few seconds where a power button is located on the top face of the device. You then go to the app, and select a chain link option on the home screen. Once selected, it will take you to a screen that when your iTens units are on, they will appear as purple bars. You select each device (up to 4 units at a time) by pressing each bar, and a chain link will appear by each one to let you know it's synchronized with each individual unit. Then go to back to the home screen where you can customize each device with multiple inputs such as intensity and time, by body part, ailment, or manual mode. I selected number one and then the outline of a person to take me to the screen where I can customize inputs for each device. I selected the ailment Neuropathy (nerve) pain, select program, and then back to the home screen where you can turn the intensity from a scale of 1 to 20. Since I was worried it wouldn't have enough juice to zap my calf the way I need it to, I quickly turned up to 20. Yow!!! Had to dial back to 16 and was rewarded with stimulation for my muscles, ligaments and nerves exactly the way I like it. I shut it down and placed the disc back in the charging cradle and awaited my big test. I travel quite extensively, sometimes overseas.

    I wanted to see how well it would perform on long flights and how long the battery lasted. The day arrived for me to leave. I placed each wing piece with the adhesives pads in place, to each of my calves. Placed the discs in the off mode in to each of the wings and pulled my compression socks over each unit (a bonus to keep the device firmly in place) and put my boots on. Away I went. When I finally got in to the air and got to the point where my calves were hurting, the time had come. Now before the iTens unit came along, I used a cheap TENS unit with wire leads. Now let me tell you, when you start attaching wires to your lower legs at 30 k feet and plugging stuff in, you cringe as you wait for the screams and beat down from apprehensive passengers every time. This time I gently pushed on the face of each device through my sock. This is a little tricky because the power button is actually in the middle of a larger press-able button. I assume this larger button is a Bluetooth sync type, but I never have had to use it. It takes a few to find the power button (especially with nerve damaged finger tips) through your socks, and power it on with a few seconds of holding it down. As soon as it powers on, the devices show up in the device located screen. I activated the particulars I wanted and sat in bliss as the electricity kneaded my calves as good as a hidden massuese under my seat. When the selected time frame had completed, I selected a power button on the home screen that appeared to shut down the units. It wasn't until I went to use them again several hours later when I realized that both devices were dead. I surmised that the "power off" button disconnects the units from the phone. I believe that you have to power down each device by the same method as when you turned them on to save battery life until you want to use them again. I am still testing this to see if that is the case. No big deal, I brought the charging docs and recharged the units. Although I would rather the devices last a few cycles before they die. What is the bottom line? Awesome! Not only are the devices hidden beneath your clothes, but to be able to control them from an application on your device wire free? Priceless. I am very impressed with my purchase and I am gushing about it to all of my friends and coworkers whom are all in their 40s and suffering from chronic pain in one way or another. I will have to see how long the rechargeable batteries built in to each device maintain a good charge over frequent use.

    Hopefully the durability of the wings will last for awhile as well. The gel sticky pads will be a frequent item you will have to purchase fairly often depending on how long it retains the stickiness. I have an advantage of placing the devices under compression socks, therefore holding them tight and in place. If you're using on your back or other areas it will be interesting to see how well the units stay in place before becoming less sticky. Although I have to say it is the stickiest type material I have ever seen and they also include a zip lock type pouch to store the wings with gel pads attached with directions to maintain them. If you have an FSA/HSA this item is reimbursable since it is for medical purposes which makes it even a better deal for such a reasonably priced item as it is. As you can tell, I love this item. The durability of the product remains to be seen though. If you see me above the clouds on your next flight smiling at you with a strange smile, I am not being a creeper. Just a man who is suffering less pain because of this new advancement in technology. As a frequent flier and pain sufferer, I fully recommend iTens! Thanks for making my life a little better. Good job people. What a great product

    Sean M Keating

  • I have severe OA of lower back. My SI joint gets very irratated. Have done one treatment and the pain has greatly reduced. Easy to use and handy with my Android phone. Am very happy with it. Worth the money.

    pertzsch (Amazon User)

  • I have used tens units for a long time and have tried many types. itens is an awesome product. No Wires. That makes it the best and what no other tens unit offers

    glenn scalise

  • Really impressed with his product! It is powerful and has many settings to choose from. Definitely beats the tens units with the wires and pads that fall off!


  • Two back surgeries and still had frequent pain. This paired with app really helps to relax muscles and reduce nerve pain. The intensity is amazing. Also bought long strip for nerve pain down leg cant wait to try


  • I have used tens units and have hated the wires. This product works wirelessly with my iPhone. I purchased it mainly to take on an airplane trip that we will be taking soon. It has helped relieve my pain and I am so happy with my purchase

    Carol T

  • this is one of the coolest things ever, I've always had to go to physical therapy to get the tens unit applied to my back for my pain, now I can do it in the privacy of my own home. It's so easy to use and works great under clothes and people don't even know it's there. I would definitely recommend it

    Kim S

  • I purchased this directly from the manufacturer. I suffer with constant back and neuropathy pain. This is by far the best Tens unit I've ever used. No wires. Great iPhone interface. Huge number of programs including the ability to make your own program. The prices are reasonable and unlike my previous tens device I don't look like a wired-up monster when I'm walking around


  • I had rotator cuff surgery in February and still having pain in my shoulder and arm. I cannot take most pain medication, so was looking for an alternative. I tried iTENS and found that I have been able to manage the pain much better without using medication every day. The wireless control makes it easy to vary the intensity and pattern of the treatment, and the gel pads allow the unit to be positioned easily.

    Jadragon (Amazon user)

    Best Regards,

    Chandu G.

  • Your product is wonderful! <3 It helps me to reduce my chronic pain because of scoliosis.

    Litzia G.

  • This is magic...It's so much better than my regular tens machine. And discrete - no wires, no separate device to stuff into my pocket and take out, reset, adjust then put back in. Also so much more controllable and so many presets. I didn't think it could work but I'll try anything. I'm glad I did.

    Brian K

  • Thanks for the iTENS! She used it last night for the first time. Her feedback was that the device itself worked a lot better than the other one she's used. She likes the app, that seemed to work well for her.


  • The device is very useful for my back pain!

    Fabian S

  • Here is my review;


    We gave it a 9/10 its a fantastic product.

    Luke T.

  • This thing is awesome, I'm literally sitting in my office right now with it
    going...it feels soo good

    Almost too good for work, I feel like I should be sitting somewhere having a
    cigar and a drink! 

    Todd G.

  • This thing is incredible!! I've been using it for a couple weeks now and absolutely love it.

    Stephan Lamoureux

  • I love this thing. It is working great on my ankle pain, elbow pain and shoulder pain. I can't take pain meds so this is an awesome solution for pain control.

    Raquel Meyers

  • I have finally found a solution for my arthritic aches and pains!

    R. Cooper

  • I have tried many other electrotherapy devices on the market but wasn't happy with the results until I stumbled across the iTens. The product works wirelessly with my iPhone and there's no cords to get in the way. It's an extremely practical device for someone who travels a lot like myself.

    Blake G

  • Works really well. I love not having wires attached to it

    Brian C

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